Bing Daily Quiz

Bing Daily Quiz. If you are looking for a fun activity to do during some free time on the bus, in the waiting room or any other place, taking the Bing daily quiz is a great option. Play and learn at the same time while completing a trivia about random topics or the ones you prefer, among hundreds of different categories.

Bing Daily Quiz

Bing Daily Quiz

Daily Quiz

With the Bing daily quiz, you have the chance to complete a trivia about random topic and test your knowledge. Since it is daily, this quiz changes every day so is a great activity and trivia to answer while having some time off or when you need to relax for a few minutes.

After completing the Bing daily quiz, you can keep playing by taking the other hundreds of trivia available, divided into categories. This means having countless hours of entertainment, while taking benefit of a learning platform.

Now, how do you access the Bing daily quiz? To start playing, access the trivia by entering the URL: using your preferred browser. Then, click on “Homepage quiz” and below the map in the shown window, select “Today´s quiz” and you will start answering the trivia a few seconds later. Keep in mind the Bing quizzes are only available in English.


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